The new era of push-to-talk communication: What is Push-to-Talk over Cellular?

It’s time to transform the way we connect and collaborate with dynamic solutions. This article will help you to understand what cellular Push-to-Talk is and why your business needs it.

Cellular Push-to-Talk (PTT) is a communication technology that transforms your mobile device into a powerful instant-connectivity tool. Cellular PTT enables you to connect with your team as simply as possible. Communication with cellular PTT is instant, efficient, and designed for the pace of modern collaboration.

Push-to-talk over cellular utilizes cellular networks to enable instant communication over long distances. Instead of relying on radio frequencies, cellular PTT leverages the robust infrastructure of cellular networks, offering a broader reach and increased reliability.

Aina PTT is a global cellular PTT device provider that enables safe and instant communication. Aina’s devices are durable, reliable, and created for real fieldwork. Aina’s devices are used by professionals in many industries, such as construction and transportation, logistics, and aviation, where clear and accurate communication can be a matter of life or death.

Cellular PTT leverages mobile networks, ensuring connectivity anytime, anywhere, making it an adaptable and scalable solution for diverse communication needs, from small teams to large enterprises. It’s the future of instant, on-the-go communication, providing a dynamic and efficient way for teams to stay connected.

Why choose Cellular Push-to-Talk?

Ease of use and instant communication

All you need to do is press a button and speak to enable push-to-talk transmission. Your colleagues can enjoy real-time messaging. There are also different private channels that you can use immediately.

Massive coverage

No more dead spots and dropped calls. Extensive coverage of the national mobile network. You can now connect with your colleagues across devices regardless of their locations.

Clear message constantly

There is no worrying about your sentence being cut off. Your message is conveyed clearly in real time to the listener as you speak.

Life-time investment

There is no need to invest in building your own infrastructure for communication or pay high license fees. Cellular Push-to-Talk saves time and money.

Next-generation remote-speaker-microphone (RSM) for PTT apps

We are proud to show you our products

Aina PTT Voice Responder

Aina PTT Voice Responder is an ideal professional tool for PTT voice communication in any demanding field work. It is a Bluetooth remote speaker microphone (RSM) for cellular push-to-talk.

All PTT functions are available without the need to use a smartphone at hand. Thanks to Aina PTT Voice Responder’s optimal design, it fits very well in the hand even when using gloves. It can also be clipped to work clothes for easy access, better audio performance and freeing hands for work.

Aina PTT Kepler

With Aina PTT Kepler all professional PTT communication can be handled without any dependency on a personal smart device.  For example, if the employees need to be equipped with personal smartphones, or it is not appropriate to rely on smartphones for PTT communications at the work site, Aina PTT Kepler provides the ideal solution. Also, if it is necessary to provide PTT devices for external people visiting the work site e.g. subcontractors, Aina PTT Kepler can be easily handed over to them on the fly.

Aina PTT Charging Cradles

Aina PTT Charging Cradles keep Aina PTT devices charged and accessible in any working environment. They are designed and optimized for users looking for a safe and simple way of using their Aina PTT devices while driving. With Aina PTT Charging Cradles your Aina PTT devices will be charged faster and more efficiently without cables.

AINA PTT Voice Responder brought digital transformation to Scandinavian Airlines

The device connects to smartphones using Bluetooth and provides crisp and premium audio quality, enabling the team to effectively communicate in any setting, even in very loud environments.