PTT Smart Button

Is the PTT Smart Button waterproof?

The Smart Button is not fully waterproof. The Ingress Protection rating is IP65. These numbers stand for: 6 = dust tight and, 5 = Protected against low pressure jets of water.

How do I pair my PTT Smart Button to my phone?

  1. Go to the Bluetooth settings on your phone.
  2. Insert the battery into the Smart Button and press all 3 buttons at the same time (green LED lights up shortly)
  3. The Smart Button friendly name (format: ASB123456) will show up as “Available Devices” check the last 6 digits on the MAC address written on the back of the Smart Button to make sure this is the right one and select it
  4. The Smart Button ASB123456 will move from “Available Devices” to “Paired Devices”
  5. NOTE: In many cases, the device will try or even fail to “Connect” which you can ignore as the final connection will be done on the PTT application. For guides on this, please visit our Guides and Manuals page.

How do I put my PTT Smart Button into pairing mode?

To pair the PTT Smart Button to a new phone you need to press all of its three buttons simultaneously. The LED will flash green.

Will removing the battery reset the device?

No. Even after removing the battery the PTT Smart Button will still remember the previously paired device. If you want to reset the Bluetooth pairing, press all 3 buttons at the same time until you see a green LED.

What kind of battery does the PTT Smart Button need?

The PTT Smart Button uses a regular CR2032 coin cell battery.

How long does the CR2032 coin cell battery last?

Depending on the usage, the battery can last up to 1 year.

PTT Voice Responder

How do I reset my PTT Voice Responder?

Should the Voice Responder become unresponsive or show any other strange behaviour, you can first try a soft-reset by pressing both PTT buttons and both arrow buttons until the LED turns off.

Why do not all the buttons on my PTT Voice Responder have a function?

Every time you press a button on your PTT Voice Responder, this is sent as “pressed” and “released” command to your smartphone. On the other hand, the PTT application on your phone assigns these commands to certain functions in the application. So how and which of the buttons function with the app depend on the app developers. If you have suggestions for button functions that are unassigned, please contact your app provider or leave us a comment here.

I have paired my PTT Voice Responder to my phone, but the PTT button doesn’t work.

Once the PTT Voice Responder is paired and connected, your phone will only send and receive audio through the device. The PTT functionality has to be enabled within your chosen PTT application. To find out how to set up your app with the AINA device, please look at our Product Manuals and Quick Guides section. If you cannot find a guide for your app, please contact us for assistance.

Is the PTT Voice Responder waterproof?

Yes, the PTT Voice Responder has an Ingress Protection of 65. These numbers stand for:

  • 6 = dust tight and;
  • 5 = protection against low pressure jets of water.

Does the PTT Voice Responder comply with Military Standard 810G?

Yes, AINA’s device has passed the following MIL STD 810 G tests:

  • Test Method 500.5 Low Pressure (Altitude)
  • Test Method 501.5 High Temperature
  • Test Method 502.5 Low Temperature
  • Test Method 503.5 Temperature Shock
  • Test Method 504.1 Contamination by Fluids
  • Test Method 505.5 Solar Radiation
  • Test Method 507.5 Humidity
  • Test Method 509.5 Salt Fog
  • Test Method 514.6 Vibration
  • Test Method 516.6 Shock

How do I pair my PTT Voice Responder with my smartphone?

When pairing for the first time, press the Power button on your device for 5 seconds to turn on your Voice Responder and get into pairing mode. When your device is in pairing mode (LED blinking in green), enter your smartphone’s Bluetooth menu and search for your device using the Bluetooth friendly name printed on the back of your Voice Responder. Then follow the normal pairing process on your phone.

If you would like to pair your Voice Responder with another phone, you must press both PTT buttons and arrow buttons (< + >) until the device restarts. This will reset the device and active its pairing mode. Also, you must ensure that the phone you are pairing your device to and/or the device the PTT Voice Responder was previously paired to does not have in its Bluetooth memory any previous pairings with the PTT Voice Responder. Do this by ‘forgetting’ the previous pairing from the device’s Bluetooth menu.


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