Starting off the year with World of Concrete 2022

Happy new year to all our customers and partners!

AINA is really excited to start the year with World of Concrete 2022 (January 18-20). Catch up with our sales representatives, Jim and Caramie, at North Hall – N1579 – TECHNOLOGY FOR CONSTRUCTION

Visit our booth to get a closer look at our push-to-talk solutions including our PTT app AINA Small Talk, Bluetooth speaker-microphone PTT Voice Responder, and PoC radio AINA Kepler.

PTT Solutions for Construction

For construction professionals, hands-free and efficient communication in loud environments is critical for keeping workers safe, completing projects successfully and maintaining costs within budget.

For construction workers who need an efficient two-way communication tool, AINA Kepler with integrated AINA Small Talk push-to-talk app is the perfect solution.

AINA Kepler is a purpose-built communication device which replaces the need for traditional land-mobile-radios. The device offers reliable and constant team communication with nationwide coverage by connecting to mobile or Wi-Fi networks. Furthermore, AINA Kepler is the first commercial PoC radio with in-built Direct Mode Operation (DMO) for device-to-device communication in case of network failure. It is all you need to stay connected in a single device.

For in-vehicle and around-vehicle use, AINA also offers the AINA Vehicle Cradle; a charging cradle which can be mounted on any vehicle’s dashboard and will keep your AINA Kepler within easy reach and safe from heavy vibrations and accidental drops in-cab.

Why construction firm, Shaw Earthworks replaced traditional two-way radios with AINA Kepler?

AINA Kepler was a game changer for construction firm Shaw Earthworks.

The Shaw Earthworks family were on the search for new technology and solutions to improve their ability to complete projects on time and within budget. Like many other construction firms, Shaw Earthworks has loud construction vehicles grading, trenching, hauling, and handling expensive materials that need to be delivered and installed safely and without incident. However, with traditional two-way radios, the fleets of vehicles delivering materials or heavy equipment machines working together on a site often got out of range, leading to a loss in productivity when communication was cut off between team members.

Shaw decided to switch to AINA Kepler. In addition to offering the ease-of-use of a traditional 2-way radio in a rugged handheld device with a loud speaker-microphone, AINA Kepler offered unbound, nationwide push-to-talk team communication.

“AINA Kepler has proven to work in 95%+ of the geographies that we serve.”