Walkie Talkies

Remember when phones were Walkie Talkies?

Mr.Mobile asked this question to his one million followers in a YouTube video.

“People use Nextel not to chat, play games or send SMSs to girlfriends, but to get things done.” Mr. Mobile a.k.a. Michael Fisher cites Nextel’s former VP of Marketing.

Many people miss their Nextel experience, and some are hanging on to their walkie-talkie radios. Today, there are many great Push-to-Talk (PTT) apps available including Zello, ESChat, Team on a Mission, ePTT, enhanced PTT, Grouptalk, and TASSTA. And what some people call “probably the most instinctive PTT app”, AINA Small Talk

What’s missing with PTT apps? The answer is: not much, yet…

…there is a valid question to be answered: if PTT should be as easy as Push in order to Talk, why does this simple type of walkie talkie style application have to hide behind a PIN code of touch screen that can’t be used with gloves? And once you made your way through to the PTT app, there is a whole dinner menu full of settings to choose from? And when it’s finally up and running you realize the audio is so lousy you can’t hear. Bummer, what now?

How about taking a proven concept of a dedicated loud all-in-one communicator which combines the Nextel and Walkie-Talkie experience with Smart Technology?

There is a reason why people call AINA’s Kepler “Radio 2.0: Because it is. Turn it on and it just works.

High-speed network access, SIM card, direct device to device coverage (DMO) when there is no network available, in a rugged & loud handy form factor.


Radio 2.0