Aina Ptt Voice Responder

Loud and Clear!

Ultimate Wireless PTT Accessory for true professionals

Aina PTT Voice Responder is an ideal professional tool for PTT voice communication in any demanding field work. It is a Bluetooth remote speaker microphone (RSM) for cellular push-to-talk. All PTT functions are available without the need to use a smartphone at hand.

Designed for durability in challenging environments, it ensures reliable communication in adverse conditions. Aina PTT Voice Responder can be used as an accessory for smart devices. It upgrades usability and reliability to instant Push-to-Talk communication to a completely new level compared to standard smartphones and tablets.

Thanks to Aina PTT Voice Responders optimal design, it fits very well to hand even when using cloves. It can also be clipped to work clothes for easy access, better audio performance and leaving hands free for work.

Key Benefits

  • Well proven RSM form factor – Inherited from the traditional radios now brought to the new modern PTT era.
  • Excellent audio quality, loud and clear – Crisp audio in noisy, windy or loud environments.
  • Life-long investment, built to last – Only 0,25% of our PTT Voice Responders came back for repairs in 2021. Nothing lasts forever, but we make sure they last a long time.
  • Highly compatible – Supports a wide range of PTT apps on Android and iOS platforms.
  • Future-Proof: Aina PTT’s support is near you, available and ready to serve, now and in the future.

Technical specs

BATTERY LIFE: 48 hours, Built-in rechargeable lithium-ion battery

AUDIO: Clear audio with 100+ dB output



CHARGING: Aina PTT charging cradle or USB-C

BUTTONS: PTT1, PTT2, Emergency, Volume control, Channel scroll, Multifunction

CONNECTIVITY: Bluetooth 5.2

HEADSET: 3.5mm connector

SIZE AND WEIGHT: Dimensions: 88 x 77 x 21 mm, Weight: 125 gr

Proudly manufactured in Europe

We elevate team communication for companies globally. Proudly manufactured in Europe, our devices meet industry standards, offering seamless communication in demanding conditions. AINA PTT ensures connectivity now and in the future, providing professionals with reliable and high-performance cellular Push-to-Talk devices. Our mission is to empower communication excellence, keeping teams in touch regardless of the situation.

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Aina PTT is a leading Push-to-Talk device provider that helps organizations improve their team’s communication and boost it to the next level. All Aina PTT devices are manufactured in Europe and they serve customers worldwide, meeting high-level requirements and standards.

Aina PTT is here now and in the future. Our mission at Aina PTT is to provide industry leading reliable, and high-performing PTT devices for demanding field work conditions. We enable your hard working professionals to stay connected, no matter the situation, now and in the future.

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