How are your field workers reaching each other in your company? Are they equipped with modern professional tools for the instant voice communication needs to support their important job? Push-to-talk (PTT) is the next generation solution for maximizing the productivity, safety and security in demanding field work environment.

Most commonly PTT solution relies on a cellular data network (LTE) providing almost unlimited coverage without distance limitations among the working team members, usually referred as cellular PTT. Cellular PTT solutions are based on an advanced software solution providing high reliability, flexibility and security for all the instant voice communication needs. At the same time, it is a game changer comparing to the traditional analog LMR radios due to its outstanding capabilities with fundamentally lower costs. The ideal cellular PTT solution is achieved with professional purpose-built end-user devices.

Note: In some special applications PTT solution can be run in Wi-Fi networks instead or in parallel with cellular data networks.

How does push to talk work?

Push-to-talk is a cloud based solution that handles the communication among the connected end user devices. It’s possible to use regular smartphones or tablets as the end user devices, but the best end result is achieved by relying on special professional PTT devices. They can be either accessories attached to regular smart devices or independent stand alone devices.

PTT set up is very simple, the administrator just needs to define the settings in the cloud service to get started. After that, any end user belonging to the working team just needs to press a button to talk and all the team members will hear the speech in real time.

Why to choose Push to talk?

– Almost unlimited coverage

Cellular push-to-talk works anywhere under a cellular mobile network coverage. If needed the coverage can be further extended with proprietary networks, such as Wi-Fi or private LTE.

– Clear voice quality

As the cellular PTT is based digital broadband service, the voice quality is excellent and free of distortions.

– Scalability and cost effectiveness

Cellular PTT solution is very flexible what comes to the number of connected end users. Adding new users is very easy with the PTT application. Expanding the service only requires PTT licenses and end user devices, no need for infrastructure investments.

– Data security of professional push to talk

All PTT communication is properly encrypted and therefore secured from inappropriate persons. The communication groups are defined in the cloud service, allowing only the intended members to participate.


Push to talk devices

Aina PTT offers a variety of accessories and stand alone PTT devices and chargers


AINA PTT Voice Responder brought digital transformation to Scandinavian Airlines

The device connects to smartphones using Bluetooth and provides crisp and premium audio quality, enabling the team to effectively communicate in any setting, even in very loud environments.

We are proud to show you our products

Aina PTT Voice Responder

Aina PTT Voice Responder is an ideal professional tool for PTT voice communication in any demanding field work. It is a Bluetooth remote speaker microphone (RSM) for cellular push-to-talk.

All PTT functions are available without the need to use a smartphone at hand. Thanks to Aina PTT Voice Responder’s optimal design, it fits very well in the hand even when using gloves. It can also be clipped to work clothes for easy access, better audio performance and freeing hands for work.

Aina PTT Kepler

With Aina PTT Kepler all professional PTT communication can be handled without any dependency on a personal smart device.  For example, if the employees need to be equipped with personal smartphones, or it is not appropriate to rely on smartphones for PTT communications at the work site, Aina PTT Kepler provides the ideal solution. Also, if it is necessary to provide PTT devices for external people visiting the work site e.g. subcontractors, Aina PTT Kepler can be easily handed over to them on the fly.

Aina PTT Charging Cradles

Aina PTT Charging Cradles keep Aina PTT devices charged and accessible in any working environment. They are designed and optimized for users looking for a safe and simple way of using their Aina PTT devices while driving. With Aina PTT Charging Cradles your Aina PTT devices will be charged faster and more efficiently without cables.

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