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Push to Talk (PTT) is a half-duplex communication technology allowing instant voice messaging with the press of a button. One-to-one and one-to-many communication. One talks and the others have to listen. It is widely used as a mobile app or integrated into radio (PoC radio).

Push to talk services provide the best national coverage for users via the current mobile broadband network. The speeds increase significantly in comparison to the Land Mobile Radio (LMR) and traditional walkie talkie, which relies on smaller networks.

In 2020, Donny Jackson wrote an article on UrgentComm about LMR licensing. The article marked the lowest of LMR licensing for public safety after the steady decline for 7 consecutive years. Push to talk over cellular is replacing the popular LMR systems for many industries. Certainly, it is one of the main voice professional communication method. American City & County held a webinar sponsored by AT&T in 2016 to state the explosive growth of ptt solutions in the country.

How does push to talk work?

– Configuration: depending on what ptt devices/ ptt apps on cellular phones that users have. There are many setting parts that need to be done. Several leading app for Android and iOS on the market are Zello, Grouptalk, Wave, ESChat, TASSTA. In addition to the basics, users may have to invest time in learning a variety of additional features.

– Use: Push a button to transfer the voice message to one or multiple receivers. The delay is less than 0.5 seconds even for long distance transmission.

Why choose Push to talk?

– Ease of use and instant communication

All you need to do is to press a button and talk to enable push to talk transmission. Your colleagues get real time messaging. There are different private channels that you can switch immediately. You don’t have to wonder which correct name to connect from contact list.

– Massive coverage

No more dead spot and dropped calls. Extensive coverage of the national mobile network. You can now connect with your colleagues across devices regardless of their locations.

– Clear message constantly

There is no more worry about the cut-off of your sentence. The message that you want to convey always stays the same as you speak. “Avoid turning left” will never be “-turning left”.

– Data security of professional push to talk

A mobile network and mobile devices are vulnerable to security risk. However, professional push to talk devices can encrypt the voice and data transmission to prevent information leaks.

Push to talk devices

Push to talk devices are devices that let you communicate instantly at a great distance with a push of a button. You can make one to one or one to many push to talk calls. Depending on the needs, you can select from a wide range of available push to talk devices in the market.

AINA offers a variety of rugged PTT Bluetooth® devices, PTT button, LTE IoT devices. AINA’s devices are compatible with all leading PTT apps. If you concern about the cost of investment, AINA also offers equipment financing and bundle. Customers are able to purchase the app & devices to receive support from a single source.

From Traditional Radios to PTT

People have used Motorola Solutions, L3Harris, JVC Kenwood, Airbus, Tait, Hytera, ICOM, and other manufacturers’ radio products for business critical communication. Typical users are from the public & private securitytransportation & logisticsaviationmanufacturing, and facility management industry. The rapid development of smartphone and high speed broadband networks are shifting the business.

The idea of walkie talkie apps adoption to business is relatively simple: using data plans and current work phones of workers to install app subscriptions. However, smartphones are fragile. Touch screens are difficult to use with gloves. It is painful for workers in the busy working environment to take off their gloves to use phones. Above all, they create unnecessary distraction and interruption for work. Instead of turning away from traditional radios, two way radios with ptt capabilities integrated are the best choices for business.


AINA is combining decades of growth user habits with modern communication technologies. Co-funded by the Horizon2020 program by the European Union, AINA developed a stand alone LTE network device. The AINA Kepler comes with a loud and crisp audio quality. You don’t have to worry anymore about distraction from background noise during your conversation. Free to use Kepler with different data networks, either 3G or 4G LTE. The IP68 (dust and waterproof) device has an exchangeable battery. They can be managed over the air with AINA’s management console.


AINA Kepler and the AINA Kepler (WiFi and Bluetooth®) are able to use DMO (Direct Mode Operation) for off-network communication. Each device works as a repeater creating a mesh network in case wireless networks are not available.

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