NEW AINA PTT Voice Responder

AINA, the global PTT communication equipment provider. All AINA devices are manufactured in Europe, meeting all the industry’s high-level requirements and standards. AINA products are ultra-rugged PTT devices. 

AINA PTT Voice Responder is a next-generation Bluetooth speaker-microphone, which has been available on the market since 2017. AINA’s Bluetooth PTT Voice Responder is our leading PTT device with clear and high-quality audio. The enhanced version of AINA PTT Voice Responder will be available in summer 2023. 

AINA PTT Voice Responder supports all the professional PTT features. AINA’s functional design makes the device easy to use with two push-to-talk buttons, channel scroll, emergency alerts and volume control.  You can be assured of AINA’s build quality and durability. We have future-proofed the design and are happy with its longevity in the marketplace.

AINA PTT Voice Responder is designed for demanding conditions. 

The AINA PTT Voice Responder works with Android and IOS devices equipped with a Push-to-Talk application. AINA has partnerships with the world’s leading PTT application providers. 

Thanks to AINA PTT Voice Responder, you can handle all your professional communication safely and fluently and leave your fragile phone in your pocket. It is designed for demanding conditions and robust environments. It is the best hands-free solution for various difficult working conditions including transportation and construction.

  • Mechanical durability
  • Drop/ Impact resistant 
  • Military tests passed
  • Crisp and clear audio quality also in a noisy, loud or windy environment
  • Waterproof: fully submersible
  • Dust protection
  • Pressure resistant
  • Resistant to chemicals 

Key features and specifications of  AINA PTT Voice Responder

  • Bluetooth 5.2 connectivity 
  • Fully rugged device – stands any challenging conditions (MIL-STD 810G standard and IP 65 rating)
  • Long battery life: up to 48 hours on a single charge
  • Clear and crisp audio with echo cancellation and audio DSP. Also 3.5mm headset connector included
  • Compatibility with Android & IOS devices, and major PTT applications – more than 15 PTT app partners 
  • Fast and wireless charging with the AINA Cradle. Also cable charging supported via USB-C
  • Fully certified: RED (CE), IC, FCC, GITEKI

Upgrade your communication solution to professional PTT level! Contact sales at or visit AINA’s webshop now to secure your AINA PTT Voice Responder