AINA Kepler IOT PTT radio

Kepler LTE iOT PTT Radio Attained PTCRB Certifications for North American Markets. 

AINA Wireless Inc, the global data communication and telecommunications equipment provider, has passed the very stringent Wearable PTCRB tests and certifications for its Kepler LTE iOT PTT device for North American Markets. In a laboratory testing process, AINA perfected the Kepler Radio to meet the very exacting standards for a  chest worn device. 

Now listed on the under AINA and Part Number 

AKEPLER-0001-00, the process of certifying on North American Carriers has begun. Upon exiting PTCRB we have in hand 2 of the 4 major carriers in the US and are pursuing certifications with the other two on an accelerated schedule. Sights are also set on aligning with 2 of the 3 major Canadian Wireless Carriers in the coming quarters.

AINA Kepler LTE is based on a Linux OS and will initially be offered with AINA SmallTalk as the PTT over the Top Service running on the unit.  The primary markets served will be commercial fleets, field forces, service forces and Manufacturing/Distribution.  Announcements will be forthcoming on other leading PTT Applications that will be available on Kepler LTE Radios in Q4 and Q1.

The PTT iOT Radio market is expanding quickly as clients look to provide users with dedicated PTT Voice only products to replace aging Mobile and Portable LMR Radios or to simplify and reduce the costs associated with the rollout and maintenance of Mobile Devices when real time voice is the main mission. iOT SIM allows local, regional and National Coverage for users all at a low price

What do you need to know about Kepler?

It is an All-in-One Communicator with high-speed network access. Kepler provides intuitive voice connectivity by combining the ease-of-use of a traditional 2-way radio in a rugged handheld device with the loud speaker-microphone already built-in. Crisp and clear radio is secured.  

AINA’s Kepler is a modern radio replacement eliminating the need for radio gateways and complicated integrations. AINA Kepler combines decades of grown-user habits of Land Mobile  Radios with modern IoT Technology, which is why it is called “Radio 2.0”.