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Evolve Mining Communication Solutions with new technology

A key to strengthening team communication with reliable devices and networks

Seamless flow of team communication in harsh environments

Managing team communication for effective mine operations is perplexing. The constant connection with frontline workers to inform the change of weather conditions, the delay of delivery trucks or alarm notification is critical. The disruption of information flow can cause severe problems to productivity and even the safety of your team in underground communication.

AINA PTT provides a portable push to talk device to connect with any network available – LTE, 3G, 4G, Wi-Fi to provide consistent team communication. AINA Kepler is a new generation of Radio. When a worker can not connect to any network, he can use Direct-Mode-Operation of AINA Kepler for a mesh network to contact his teammates. For example, in areas where radio systems or a network cannot be built due to daily operations related to explosions. Whatever the location of your team members or network connection – underground or in the field, you can talk with each other when having AINA Kepler.

Wireless communications can sometimes be interrupted when workers are moving in vehicles and need to roam between routers above or underground. To optimize transmission, AINA has built a test drive for the AINA Kepler Wifi model. AINA has enhanced hopping between routers to allow consistent communication via Wifi roaming, even for vehicles below ground roads.

Communicate instantly across different devices

Not anyone working for the mine wants to be equipped with a radio-like. A team member may have any digital devices that he prefers – a smartphone, tablet or laptop. With Push to Talk app, you can use AINA Kepler to reach a team member driving his haul truck far away from the mine using his smartphone to listen. Press a button to tell your whole team in a second about the possibility of lightning appearance. It’s one-to-one or one-to-many communication with instant voice messaging. One talks and the others have to listen on whatever digital devices they carry regardless of their physical location.

The rugged device with in-built loudspeaker and dust protection for distraction free communication technology

Leveraging your mine radio communication system with a new rugged two way radio – AINA Kepler. Maximizing efficiency with in-built loudspeakers that enable precise voice real time messaging. Your team members never miss a single word – always hear as clear as day in noisy environments. AINA Kepler is designed to withstand the demanding conditions of mine operations with dust, shock, and vibration. The unique form ensures that the device stays clean of tiny particles to not lay over the speaker framework.



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