Swiss Federal Railways (SBB)


Swiss Federal Railways modernizes rail traffic control communication
with Aina PTT Voice Responders.


Swiss Federal Railways (SBB) is Switzerland’s national railway company, known for its rich history, extensive network, commitment to safety, efficiency, innovation, and dedication to customer satisfaction. It plays a vital role in Switzerland’s transportation infrastructure and contributes to the nation’s sustainable and eco-friendly mobility solutions. With a focus on innovation and customer satisfaction, SBB is continuously improving its services to meet the needs of its passengers. Every day the company operates up to 7000 trains, serving more than 700 000 clients daily.

CHALLENGE: Mobile PTT solutions are critically dependent on the right accessories to complete the voice communication solution.

Swiss Federal Railways (SBB) is currently modernizing the communication methods for its field workforce based on cellular Push-to-Talk (PTT). A critical enabler for this next generation solution from the beginning has been a suitable handheld PTT device with short latency, good audio, and the possibility to send audio signals according to the predefined functionalities. After a very comprehensive evaluation, SBB selected Aina PTT Voice Responder as the ideal handheld device for their cellular PTT solution.


Aina PTT Voice Responder is a next-generation Bluetooth remote speaker-microphone (RSM) for cellular PTT solutions. It operates together with Android and iOS smart devices and is compatible with a large variety of different PTT software applications. Aina PTT Voice Responder has loud and clear high-quality audio, it is highly durable and designed for very demanding working conditions, and it supports all the important professional PTT communication features.

Aina PTT Voice Responder is provided to SBB in Switzerland together with Aina PTT’s reliable partner Rhäticom AG. SBB operates within the world of mission-critical fields, where every second counts. Seamless communication among rail workers is significant. With the introduction of the AINA PTT Voice Responder, SBB can ensure that all communication is delivered instantly without delays. The audio quality is meeting the requirements even in the most challenging noisy situations.
Now the project is entering the field piloting stage. AINA PTT is proud to be a part of this critical communication system! Thank you for choosing AINA PTT!