ControlComm partners with Aina PTT to offer a modern and efficient app for the hospitality industry


ControlComm is a technology firm from Rijeka, Croatia, that aims to help organizations improve their business and become more efficient through digitalization. ControlComm has developed a modern hotel resource management application for the hospitality industry. The modular ControlComm cloud application: 

  • Offers improved organizational efficiency and guest satisfaction 
  • Saves time by reducing errors and enhancing reaction times 
  • Allows for better control and management of hotels’ resources 

By partnering with AINA PTT, ControlComm was able to enhance its application with Push-to-Talk communication for hotel staff members.

Voice communication ensures fast and efficient communication between employees at the push of a button. ControlComm explains that integrating AINA’s push-to-talk solution into their app enables faster flow of information, identification of problems, and reaction times, all of which promote guest satisfaction. Instead of making several one-to-one phone calls and waiting each time for the other person to pick up, PTT communication allows you to address or alert the whole team at once. This significantly saves time and improves work efficiency with real-time messaging. 

With the help of experts from Aina PTT, ControlComm, and Nomen, PTT communication is fully implemented in the ControlComm application and works smoothly. I’m proud to be a part of this team. 


Our business partner, Aina PTT, helped us a lot. They created an API for us to integrate PTT voice communication into our app, and it only needs a good wi-fi signal to work. 


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Ready for New Devices?

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