AINA PTT Voice Responder entering the pilot stage in the French RRF Program led by Airbus

AINA is proud of being selected as a provider of PTT Bluetooth accessories of the RRF

Réseau Radio du Futur (RRF) is a state-funded program by the Ministry of Interior in
France, that aims at revolutionizing national security and emergency response capabilities
by establishing a secure, high-speed mobile communication system. It is spearheading a
ground-breaking initiative aimed at modernizing the country’s domestic security forces, which
currently rely on narrowband technologies like Tetrapol.

The project’s purpose is to outfit approximately 400,000 users within France’s security and
rescue forces, including the national gendarmerie, national police, firefighters, and civil security

It will enhance the tools available to security and emergency rescue forces for their daily
operations and for managing large-scale diplomatic or sporting events. The project is going
from 2022 till 2027.

Airbus Secure Land Communication and its partners have been selected by the Ministry of
Interiors., to deliver the necessary solution for enabling seamless communication between
different stakeholders. AINA with PTT Voice Responder is very proud to have been chosen as
one of the device providers for the project.

Now AINA is entering the piloting stage. We have successfully dispatched the initial set of
samples to the designated program. Introducing the AINA PTT Voice Responder, an innovative
wireless speaker-microphone solution. This cutting-edge device establishes seamless Bluetooth
connectivity with smartphones, ensuring impeccable audio clarity and premium sound quality.
Notably, this technology empowers teams to communicate even within noisy environments.

Demonstrating our commitment to excellence, this flagship product has been selected as the
preferred choice for deployment during the upcoming 2024 Olympics in Paris, where it will be
utilized by security personnel. Guillaume Lambert, senior executive of the French Ministry of
the Interior and head of the RRF says: “Deployment of the network will start at the end of 2023
and will focus on the territories hosting the 2024 Olympics in France. The final deployment of
the RRF should take place by the end of 2026.”