AINA Offers a New Refurbishing and Device Recycling Program

AINA offers a refurbishing service for the PTT Voice Responder and equipment recycling program.

Refurbishing Service

For $40.00 (40,00€) per device AINA will upgrade the front cover and buttons of your PTT Voice Responder and send your device back looking brand new and more durable than ever.

The PTT Voice Responder has been a vital tool for our customers in industries such as Transportation & LogisticsConstructionAviation and Security. In these work environments, communicating through a walkie-talkie style app on a mobile phone is not always a viable or effective option. For example, you might be driving, wearing heavy-duty gloves or in an emergency situation. Therefore, it is crucial to have a reliable device like the PTT Voice Responder, which remotely controls functions such as push-to-talk, channel scrolling and emergency alerts without having to take out your phone from your pocket.

To further improve the durability of the trusted PTT Voice Responder, the AINA team has developed a new front cover for the device. Rather than printed markings on the multifunction or channel scrolling buttons, now the device features embossed button markings that will not wear out. Add this to its already existing IP 67 rating and MIL-STD 810G certification, and you have got yourself a Bluetooth speaker-microphone that is built to last and ready for any work environment.

If you are interested in refurbishing your PTT Voice Responder, please contact us.

Device Recycling Program

AINA recognizes the importance to the environment of recycling electronic equipment, which is why we offer a new device recycling program.

If you send us a PTT Voice Responder to be recycled, you may also receive a gift voucher for your next AINA purchase. For every recycled speaker-microphone in which the circuit board is not damaged, we will send you a $20.00 (20,00€) compensation.

Please contact us to find out more.