AINA Kepler – LTE Two-Way Radio Presented to Construction Industry Professionals in Command Alkon’s Embark Magazine

At AINA PTT we are proud to be partners with Command Alkon.

Command Alkon provides specialized software and technology solutions across the heavy work supply chain. Within this industry, whether you are part of a big construction project or a heavy hauling operation, staying on top of things and communication among all stakeholders is essential. AINA helps professionals in this line of work with top-of-the-line push-to-talk communication solutions.

In the latest edition of Embark, Command Alkon’s annual industry magazine, we introduced our flagship product the AINA Kepler; an LTE two-way radio.

AINA Kepler is a purpose-built communication device replacing the need for traditional land-mobile-radios. With the help of a SIM-card, the device connects to a mobile network offering nationwide coverage. Furthermore, AINA Kepler is the first commercial LTE-device with reliable in-built Direct-Mode-Operation (DMO) in case of network failure. It is all you need to stay connected in a single device.

For in-vehicle and around-vehicle use, AINA also offers the AINA Vehicle Cradle; a charging cradle which can be mounted on any vehicle’s dashboard and will keep your AINA Kepler within easy reach and safe from heavy vibrations and accidental drops in-cab.

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