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5 Top PTT Solutions for Your Business

Use Push-to-Talk solutions to connect your team: talk with everyone from anywhere. 

Push-to-Talk is a both-way communication technology allowing instant voice messaging with the press of a button. One-to-one and one-to-many communication. One talks and the others have to listen. 

Push-to-talk devices are devices that let you communicate instantly at a great distance with a push of a button. Depending on the needs, you can select from a wide range of available push to talk devices in the market.

Explore PTT Solutions for you: 

1. AINA Kepler LTE – it’s the radio 2.0

Find everything you need in a single device. It connects with a SIM-card to the mobile network: easy and convenient to use. AINA Kepler is integrated with Push-to-Talk Application with crisp and clear audio. With AINA Kepler the employees will always stay connected. Main points to remember: 

  • SIM card: connect to the server and mobile network (3G/4G/LTE)
  • Device-To-Device Communication: communicate even when your mobile network is not available
  • Integrated PTT Application: Use AINA Small Talk or a partner PTT application straight from your AINA Kepler. Communicate with an unlimited number of groups and users, and make emergency calls.

2. AINA Voice Responder

Remotely control functions such as push-to-talk, channel switching and emergency alerts. AINA Voice Responder is a next generation Bluetooth speaker-microphone. This device was built to last and the design focuses on the user’s needs and safety. It can withstand the harshest environmental conditions. The audio systems are very important for AINA, all the devices have high-quality clear audio to meet the needs in every work situation. The PTT Voice Responder is compatible with Android and iOS smartphones and tablets. Users can pair their device with AINA’s own, simple and intuitive push-to-talk application, AINA Small Talk, or other partner PTT apps.

3. Motorola Talkabout T800

Motorola Solutions are designed more for consumers. The Talkabout device is connected to the PTT app. If you don’t have sell service, just connect your phone to the app and stay connected with your team. Keep connected, no matter where your adventures lead.

4. Stone Mountain’s BlueSkye speaker-microphone

BlueSkye speaker-microphone is waterproof and Bluetooth compliant. Stay connected at your workplace with clear audio. Supports all popular PTT devices and applications. With this device you can rely on pairing and connecting. All the devices of StoneMountain are designed to be tough. Long-lasting device, no matter where it was used. 

5. AINA PTT Smart Button 

Press a button to talk, send call requests or emergency alerts in seconds. Small and easy-to-use. This PTT Smart Button is compatible with Android and IOS. It connects to PTT Applications or PTT devices. The Smart Button can withstand the harshest environmental conditions and accidental user damage. For easy attachment, the device is available with a clip or velcro. It is ideal to use in environments that require simple, undistracted communication devices.

Stay connected! Choose the best PTT device for you! 

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